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Zeddrix Fabian

Hey, call me Zedd. Thank you for joining me today!


Just Color!

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Change the page color, play with the random color button, and add a color of your choice on your deck of colors! You can check out my code for this project here!

JW Guitar Templates

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Dynamically produce image templates for JW Guitar Tabs. Enter a song number, FIND TEMPLATE, and then have a screenshot of your whole screen. Move on to the previous/next template using the navigation buttons.

You can check out my code for this project here!

Word Counter

Enter your text, then COUNT; a page will show your text's Word Count, Word Density, and Character Density. You can check out my code for this project here!

Bible Query (This is a work in progress)

Let's see what you got in this multiple choice, fun, Bible quiz! This game project didn't just help me master my programming skills⁠—especially on Vanilla JavaScript⁠—but instead, it also helped me achieve my goal to fully understand and know all the Bible characters, the dates, places, accounts, miracles, prophecies, etc. I hope that you'll also benefit in the same way on this game!

For copyright purposes, I can't show you my code for this one.



I am able to develop and work on the coding projects you've seen above because coding actually is my main hobby. You know, if you're interested, you can take my Python and Django courses. It wouldn't hurt to try!


I'm currently groping the basic guitar tabs for all our Kingdom Songs. I have this page where you can see and play all of 'em on your own guitar: JW Guitar Tabs.


I'm learning how to speak Mandarin Chinese. I like this language because of its distinctive intonation. To remember all the words and phrases, I've recorded them on Learn Mandarin Chinese.


Wanna play?


My drawings are mostly nature sceneries and doodles. You can check 'em all out on my Drawing Showcase.